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There has never been a better time to show our young ones’ that respect
for themselves, their peers, their school, their teachers and the
environment  – can earn them rewards.

Respect Rewards do just that, giving teachers the tools to enhance
change and classroom management, and make their classroom and
school a better place.

How can Respect Rewards help?


Something tangible to aim for
Scaleable – go for the set – colours and shapes
Fitter, healthier children
Helps raise social skills
Builds self esteem and confidence


Enhances classroom management
Motivates children
Builds self esteem in children
Enhances pupil concentration
Sets goals
Builds character in children
Helps to promote ideas and subjects
Helps to develop core values
Helps to increase academic ability
Creates awareness on subjects and topics
Aids discipline
Provides scaleable reward system ( gold,silver,bronze,red,yellow,green )
Alternative to throwaway/short-life reward systems
Alternative to sweets bases rewards system
Promotes healthy lifestyle
Promotes healthy food
Promotes wellbeing
Promotes fitness
Promotes communication skills
Promotes verbal skills
Promotes visual skills
Promotes listening skills

Go on – reward them!