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Rewards for schools

Good behaviour deserves good rewards…showing rewards to friends
Reward Positive Behaviour

Rights, responsibility, respect.

Reward the type of behaviour your school values most…

* Active lifestyle
* Kindness & empathy
* Healthy eating
* Environmental awareness
* Good thinking

Respect Rewards

By 2012 all primary schools and 50% of secondary schools will need to implement the Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning programme, with an increased number delivering schoolbased mental health support.

One of the ways your school can demonstrate implementation of SEAL is through using Respect Rewards.

These simple and attractive collectibles provide tangible recognition of standards of achievement for both pupils and school. The Respect Rewards range means you can have a choice of rewards to mark a child’s achievements in…

* Respecting themselves and others
* Motivating and encouraging positive behaviour
* Introducing valuable life long skills
* Capturing their imagination and interests
* Building learning power

Your pupils will be proud to display their rewards on a cool collecting chain that can be worn on book bags, school bags, key rings etc.

To discuss which rewards would work for you ring

Jeanette at Respect Rewards: 01344 487757
or email from our Contact Us page.

Let’s help our children do something great today!